Grief and Loss 


Where life is, is loss. Loss can occur in different areas of our lives. Initially, we think of loss by death. The death of a loved one, a pet, a friend, a colleague, an acquaintance.
Loss can also be: loss of work, loss of health, loss of your vision of the future, loss of possession, of friendship. Loss leads to grieving.

Grieving can also be over what has not happened, for example the desire to have children which cannot be fulfilled. Missed opportunities.
The list goes on, what it comes down to is that someone or something has gone and that person or that thing will never return. Or it becomes clear to you that what you wanted more than anything else will never happen.

How do you deal with that? That is different for everyone.
There is no right or wrong grieving process, it is a personal process. That which is supportive and healing for one person may not be so for another.

Would you like to talk to someone who is not part of your family and friends, who provides space for you where you can show your feelings and share your thoughts?

Then I am here for you to listen to your story, to be present with all there is in the moment. I support you in your process and together we will find a new balance in your life while honouring your loss.

What is the procedure?

You can make an appointment for a session at my practice. During this session you can discuss your situation with me. If you feel that I am the right person to help you we will then make a subsequent appointment. It is not necessary to obtain a referral (verwijsbrief) from your GP to make an appointment with me.

How long is a session and what are the costs?

The session lasts one hour and costs € 90,-. A number of insurers (partly) reimburse the cost of the sessions. Please inquire with your insurance agency.

More information
For more information, please contact me via the contact button below or by telephone: 06 105 900 31.