Control over your life

Do you feel like you have no control over your life?
Do you recognise the following statements:
You want to stop being controlled by (subconscious) limiting beliefs and emotions, and you want control back over your life.
You want more joy and a lighter life.
Do you feel this in relation to work, relationships, yourself or in all areas?
Limiting beliefs can make life feel heavy and unchangeable. The associated thoughts and language have a great impact on how you feel.
Do you often say things to yourself like ‘I can’t change’ or ‘this is not for me’ or ‘I don’t know how to do it differently, so never mind?’
If this is the case life can feel very heavy and you experience little joy. Often we aren’t even aware that we have these kind of thoughts or speak to ourselves that way. As a result, we wonder what it is that makes us feel so troubled.
The first steps we will take is to map these, often subconscious, beliefs. Most people are often shocked about the length of this list. That is the start of the transformation: awareness.
Together we will work with these beliefs, are these (even) true? How did you make this belief your own? Can you make a different choice?
It requires willingness and courage to take on the confrontation with your beliefs. These are often so integrated that it seems like ‘you are just like that’.
‘This is just the way I am’, is a statement I often hear. It doesn’t have to be like that, as soon as you become aware of your belief you can again make the choice whether it still suits you.
Some beliefs were essential to survive when you were young and dependent, this is no longer the case now that you are an adult.
Do you want to convert your limiting thoughts and beliefs into empowering thoughts and beliefs and lead your life with more awareness and joy? Get in touch with me.
Humour, empathy, calm and involvement are qualities which I take into the sessions. It will mainly be an adventure which will open your eyes and will give you control over your life without being led by beliefs that make life harder than necessary.
This is not a superficial journey. In order to become truly acquainted with your beliefs, where they come from, whether they are still true and what your new belief will be requires deep research. It will bring you back in contact with yourself, with who you really are, with your values and what you stand for. From time to time it will be confrontational and ‘scary’ and when you work through that it will be liberating and wonderful! You will get to know yourself really well and stand for what you believe. This is possible because you’ve experienced who you really are and what you want in life.
What is asked of you is self-reflection and the willingness to go for it. 
How long is a session and what are the costs?

The session lasts one hour and costs € 95,-. A number of insurers (partly) reimburse the cost of the sessions. Please inquire with your insurance agency.

More information

For more information, please contact me via the contact button below or by telephone: 06 105 900 31.