Self-Care in Relationships

For years you’ve been in a relationship which you know it is not healthy for you. You want it to be different, but you don’t know how. Should you leave or wait for it to get better? Do you keep hoping that things will change?
What if you could start your day with joy, feel the space and freedom to do whatever feels good for you. And not feel responsible for your partner’s happiness. Worries about your relationship are a thing of the past. You are able to focus again on the here and now and the future without stomach ache, anxiety and insecurity. You have taken back control over your life.
Do you recognise the following thoughts:
(For sake of readability I have chosen to use the he/him-form, please adjust it according to what applies to you.)
Are you in a relationship where you think:
“If only I give enough love then…”,
“It will change if I try hard enough”,
“I can see that he wants to change and (only) I can help him with that…”
“Nobody understands him as well as I do…”
And are these thoughts more frequently followed by:
“I can’t do this anymore”,
“I really can’t do this anymore”,
“I’m empty, I can’t handle it anymore”,
“I don’t know what else to do”,
“I feel depressed and powerless”,
And are these thoughts again followed by:
“But who will take care of him?”
“I’m selfish if I leave him”,
“I will never find someone else”,
“This is the best I can get”,
“Then I’ll be all alone”,
“Nobody fancies me”,
“He is my twin soul”,
“We belong together, don’t we?”
It is easy to get trapped in this thought pattern. It is up to you to make the choice to break free from it. Take matters into your own hands and change your life from worry to joy, from anxiety and guilt to freedom, from insecurity to confidence.
I offer tools, insights and the strength you need to break free of this internal struggle, gain clarity and make choices that are good for you.
What is asked of you is self-reflection and the willingness to go for it. 
How long is a session and what are the costs?

The session lasts one hour and costs € 95,-. A number of insurers (partly) reimburse the cost of the sessions. Please inquire with your insurance agency.

More information

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